• Personal Branding: How to Become A Household Name

    July 4, 2016
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    In the past, personal branding was something that only really applied to individuals like speakers or authors. But now that so much of everyone’s daily activity takes place online, there’s a lot of value for anyone involved in a business to build a strong personal brand. When you have a recognizable personal brand, you can use it to open up opportunities for your business that wouldn’t otherwise exist. So with that goal in mind, let’s look at some of the most effective personal branding strategies:


    Don’t Fear Competition

    One of the most common reasons people are hesitant to invest time and energy in building a personal brand is they’re under the impression that their space is too crowded. While it’s easy to understand why people feel that way, the truth is there’s always room for another voice with something interesting to say. In fact, the presence of one or more strong personal brands within your space is confirmation that there’s demand for the type of information that you can share.


    Act as a Curator

    Another obstacle for many people who consider personal branding is they don’t know exactly where they should focus their attention. One way to get feedback without first investing a ton of energy is to curate content from throughout your industry. By curating and sharing content that the people you want to reach care about, you can get feedback on the topics they care about the most. Once you have some data points about what resonates, you can begin investing in creating your own content.


    Look for Mutually Beneficial Collaborations

    When individuals do start going down the path of personal branding, they often think that they have to get recognized by the biggest personalities within their space. But for someone who’s just starting, the biggest existing personal brands may not be the right targets for collaboration. Instead, looking for other opportunities where you can deliver maximum value can help you build traction and the type of momentum to eventually get significant attention for your personal brand.


    Be Active Online and Offline

    The biggest personal branding mistake people make is assuming they can do everything online. Although there are some individuals who have made that work, the majority have significantly augmented their online efforts by building offline relationships. It does take more work to build real relationships in settings away from a computer screen. But establishing those types of strong relationships can eventually lead to opportunities that will allow you to make significant advances with your personal brand.
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