• 6 Free Resources for Startups and New Entrepreneurs

    June 10, 2016
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    Launching a startup is an uphill battle. Although you can definitely get to the top, it takes a lot of hard work and support. Because there’s so much you need to get done, it’s very useful to have resources you can turn to. And since it’s common for startups to run on limited budgets, it’s especially nice when resources are free.

    To help entrepreneurs just like you, we want to share a list of six resources that are very useful and free:


    1. Ask the Community at

    With over 28,000 members, the online community is quite active. It consists of entrepreneurs at all stages of business. So if you have a question about anything related to business, you can get a solid answer by asking it there.

    2. Guidance from SCORE

    SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship. The organization has been around for more than five decades and has a network that includes over 11,000 volunteers. In 2015 alone, more than 53,000 new businesses were started with the assistance of SCORE mentors.

    3. Opportunities Through SBDCs

    SBDCs are Small Business Development Centers. Each year, more than a million entrepreneurs and new small business owners benefit from SBDCs. Consulting, networking and training are examples of what’s available from SBDCs for free.

    4. Info and Access Via the SBA

    The Small Business Administration goes beyond their online community. This organization has a lot of free educational resources for startups. It can also be a source for a loan. And even if you ultimately decide that a SBA loan isn’t the right fit for what you’re doing, you can learn a lot about financing from this organization for free.

    5. Relatable Peers are Accessible at WBCs and VBOCs

    It’s hard for anyone to start a new business. As a woman, this experience can feel even more isolating. Fortunately, there are many women who have started and grown very successful businesses. Since it may not feel that way at times, Women’s Business Centers provide a way to actually get guidance from those types of women. VBOCs are a similar resource. Veterans Business Outreach Centers provide a way for those who have served to get guidance from other vets that understand what it’s like to start a business in this position.

    6. ManageHub Success Score

    As your company grows, you’re going to experience a lot of rapid changes. One of the best ways to know if you’re staying on the right track is by getting your ManageHub Success Score. This score measures how well your company is adopting the essential management methods used by the most successful, innovative and valuable companies. You can use your score to design a customized improvement plan to help your business increase its sales, customer satisfaction, profits and its competitive advantage. Get your score for free now!

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