• 5 Keys to Effective Time Management

    August 4, 2016
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    Most people want to be better at managing their time. However, there’s often a significant gap between wanting to be better and actually making this improvement. If you feel like your time management skills suffer because you don’t know how to improve them, we’re going to help by covering exactly what you need to know to be more effective.

    With that goal in mind, let’s take a look at the 5 keys to effective time management:

    Key #1 – Inventory What’s At Stake

    How has less than optimal time management negatively affected your life over the years? And what can you gain from improving your time management skills? By writing down answers to both questions, you’ll have a clear motivation that you can regularly go back to for continuing to improve how you manage your time.

    Key # 2 – Focus on Small Wins

    When individuals look in the mirror and realize they’re overweight, it’s generally not something that happened all at once. Instead, being overweight is normally the cumulative result of decisions that were made over an extended period of time. The same is true with bad time management habits. That’s why you shouldn’t try to change everything overnight. Instead, implementing small changes will help you gain confidence, discover the right strategies and get better at prioritizing without feeling overwhelmed.

    Key #3 – Recognize Progress

    As you start making improvements to your time management skills and see positive results from these small but meaningful changes, be sure to recognize them and reward yourself. Even if it’s just a small gesture, this will help you create a positive association with wanting to continue improving.

    Key #4 – Setbacks Happen

    Despite your best efforts, things won’t always go perfectly. Since setbacks are bound to happen, what matters most is how you handle them. By taking them in stride instead of letting them derail your progress, you’ll be able to use these situations as learning opportunities and avoid making the same mistakes again in the future.

    Key #5 – Take Action

    While planning plays an important role in time management, you also want to avoid paralysis by analysis. You need to work on knowing when it’s time to take action by initiating movement towards an objective. Approaching your day with clarity and energy will help you get through what needs to be done without getting bogged down by distractions that aren’t actually important.

    As you put what we covered above into action and see the positive results, you will likely be excited to find other areas you can improve. If you’re interested in improving the effectiveness of your leadership, strategic planning, knowledge management, workforce management and results, we encourage you to learn more about how our process uses the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program to make those improvements possible.

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