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Maximum Business Potential provides businesses with a proven customer-focused plan based on the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence so they are always improving their competitiveness and performance. Is your business a top performer?


Jermaine Carter, Founder of Maximum Business Potential

My name is Jermaine Carter and I founded Maximum Business Potential in 2009. A seasoned consultant with over a decade’s worth of experience, I hold an M.B.A. and a M.S. in Project Management. As a veteran, I've gained valuable leadership experience and a deep understanding of systems and discipline, while understanding commitment better than most. With this strong combination, what more could you want in a business partner? I also incorporate technical knowledge with business management skills to form a unique blend of experience that will give your business the advantage it needs to keep up in today’s fast-paced, modern world.


Maximum Business Potential's vision is to show business owners how to never stop improving and run their business, not let their business run them.

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The ManageHub Accelerator guides you and your employees through a step-by-step program that helps you build a solid business that can sustain long term growth, innovation, profitability, and success.

What we do

Our approach is results-driven. We literally work side-by-side with you to put theory into practice and implement a Baldrige-based system to accomplish desired results. The key to success for a Performance Excellence program is the participation and commitment of the senior leaders. We help educate senior leaders to gain and sustain their buy-in.


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